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Rental Add-Ons

Springfield Photo Booth


If your package includes a backdrop (or you add one on) you have the choice between any of the below options. We have several solid colors as well as the new, popular Mermaid style. The Mermaid style is the kind where you can rub your hands a long it and the sequins flip to a different color on the other side. This makes for more fun and unique designs for your backdrop. 

Peacock Mermaid Photo Booth Backdrop

Peacock Mermaid Sequin

Black White Photo Booth Backdrop

Black & White Mermaid Sequin

Gold Photo Booth Backdrop

Gold Sequin

Rose Gold Photo Booth Backdrop

Rose Gold Sequin

Iridescent Photo Booth Backdrop

Iridescent Sequin

Red Photo Booth Backdrop

Red Sequin

More examples of our various add-on options coming soon!

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