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When everyone is the photographer...


Hashtag Printer


How it Works

Collecting all the photos people take at your event has never been easier!


You may be wondering how would I use this? We have some ideas.


This thing does more than just print, share and save! Let us explain...


Check out our pricing / packages and reserve the booth!

Using the

Hashtag Printer

Take A Photo

People take pictures with their phones at your event as they normally do. 

Share The Photo

Then upload the photos to Instagram or Twitter using your hashtag OR text them directly to the printer.

Save & Print

The printer instantly downloads the photos and makes them available to see / print. You can even run a LIVE slideshow!


Why Choose the

Hashtag Printer?

  1. The number one reason the Hashtag Printer is so popular is that it makes it so easy to collect all of the photos people take at your event and save them.

  2. Gives people a fun reason to share photos using your hashtag.

  3. Create live Instagram & Twitter slideshows / walls.

  4. Display advertising with images and video.

  5. Make your event stand out and be more memorable.

According to this Forbes article "It’s all about the souvenir photo, when it comes to conferences and festivals these days.  It seems that any and every gathering worth its digital weight is incorporating the hashtag printing station. Not only  are they turning up everywhere; but the station and its surrounding vicinity is like a magnet, attracting people from the time the venue doors open to the time they close.  This is all thanks to a little piece of technology known as the hashtag printer..." continue reading...

Why Choose the Hastag Printer


Hashtag Printer Features

Our Hashtag Printer is modern, easy to use and the new craze at events. There are a lot of features packed into this little unit that we are excited to tell you about....

  1. Illuminated area that displays your hashtag.

  2. Touchscreen that displays all of the photos for people to browse through, print and share.

  3. Built-in printer prints 4" x 6" prints in a matter of seconds!

  4. Customizable print templates allow you to brand each print for your event.

  5. Freestanding unit, only 17" w x 40" h x 15" d, looks nice and takes up hardly any room.

Save, Print & Share

The Hashtag Printer immediately saves a copy of all photos uploaded to Instagram & Twitter using your hashtag AND photos that are text directly to it. Then you can print them, have them upload directly to your Facebook or even display them in a social media slideshow on a separate TV or projector!

Custom Print Templates

Picture print outs can be completely customized to promote your brand or event. From your companies logo to a simple "thank you" for attending your wedding, we got you covered!

Expand Your Social Media Network

By encouraging guests to post to Instagram & Twitter using your hashtag, you are building your social media footprint. For every post with your hashtag, all of that user's friends will see your brand and the social media outreach is exponential.

Contest Mode

Contest mode allows you to define a winning ticket template that gets printed a certain percentage of the time. You can use this to offer an incentive for people to tag their photos in order to win a prize.

Display Advertising

Grab passersby attention with advertising images or videos shown at a timed interval. Having your key messages display continually via display advertising will get the attention of people who were not planning on stopping by.


2 Hours

Unlimited Photo Downloads*

One  4"x6" Print Per Photo

Onsite Event Host

Free Delivery & Setup

Support for up to x1 Hashtag

Below are additional add-ons that can be added to any package.



Hashtag Printer

Save $220


  4 Hours  

Unlimited Photo Downloads*

Unlimited 4"x6" Prints

Onsite Event Host

Free Delivery & Setup

  Support for up to x2 Hashtags
Text Photos Directly to Printer

  Custom Designed Photo Template  

Below are additional add-ons that can be added to any package.


Save $395


  7 Hours  

Unlimited Photo Downloads*

Unlimited 4"x6" Prints

Onsite Event Host

Free Delivery & Setup

Support for up to x2 Hashtags
Text Photos Directly to Printer

Custom Designed Photo Template
USB Drive w/ copies of all images downloaded



During certain holidays there may be an extra fee. Please feel free to check with us prior to making your reservation to confirm additional cost and availability.


Hashtag Printer

  • Additional Hour  +$100

  • Custom Designed Photo Template +$30

  • USB w/ Copies of All Images Downloaded +$50

  • Text Photos Directly To Printer +$25/hr

  • Provide Hot Spot for Internet (required if location does not have high speed internet) +$50/hr

  • Unlimited 4"x6" Prints +$50/hr

  • Design "Winner" Photo Template & Run Contest Mode +$75

  • Additional Hashtag Support +$20

  • TV w/ LIVE Picture Slideshow of Pictures Being Uploaded +$50

  • 28" x 60" Table & Table Cover for Slideshow TV (required if not providing one) +$20
  • Connect to Existing Display for Live Picture Slideshow (customer provides display and HDMI cable to location where they want printer) +$25

  • Out of Town Travel +$2.00/mile

* The Hashtag Printer requires a high speed WIFI internet connection to work.
Reservation Form



If you are wanting to book a Hashtag Printer rental for your event all we need is a $250 deposit to reserve your date.  Please fill out the form below and then you will be directed to paypal to complete your payment. You are not required to have a paypal account. Simply click the "Pay with debit or credit card" button. Please feel free to call (217) 693-9054 with any questions . Thanks!

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